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Ken Ham: “There’s Been Climate Change” Since Noah’s Flood

Ken Ham: “There’s Been Climate Change” Since Noah’s Flood

Watch Bill Nye debate the Creation Museum leader on Global Warming, too.

Jeremy Schulman

When Bill Nye the Science Guy took the stage Tuesday night at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., his task was to refute the idea that Biblical creationism is a scientifically valid idea—one that should be taught in schools.

But as we’ve seen again and again, science denial is rarely limited in scope. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that Nye’s opponent, museum head Ken Ham, doesn’t just reject evolution; he’s also spreading some rather unscientific ideas about global warming. Appearing on CNN after the debate, Ham informed viewers that “there’s been climate change ever since the flood of Noah’s day.” Ham added that while the climate had warmed “a bit in the past,” it’s now “cooling again.” (Not true.) You can watch Ham and Nye debate climate science in the clip above.

This has been something of a theme for Ham, who says in a series of online videos that this supposed “cooling trend” is “no surprise to creation scientists.” According to Ham: “Western governments have invested so much in the carbon dioxide theory that they probably won’t change their minds any time soon. But scripture tells us what really happened: We live on a young Earth that has undergone radical climate changes from the global flood.”